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    Clinical case can only be submitted via this online Clinical case Submission Service
    Important dates
    Submission opening: July 1, 2022
    Submission deadline: October 3, 2022
    Announcement of the winner(s): mid-October
    Q&A Live talk about the case in October/November
    Getting started
    It is simple to set up your personal account and submit your Clinical case!
    First of all, click on the button below marked 'Click here for your first connexion' and follow the steps:
    1- Enter your email address. It will be used to log into your personal account each time you visit the website. 
    2- Create your password. Your password should be easy for you to remember, something personal and at least 8 characters long. 
    3- Enter your personal information. All boxes with * are mandatory information and you will not be able to save your details unless these are completed.

    A summary of your account information will appear on the screen. To finalise the procedure, please be sure to click on 'Create Account', otherwise your information will not be saved.

    Please remember your login name and password! You will need them later to log into the system after a decision has been made for your abstract.
    Information will be sent only to the « contact author », to the e-mail address registered on login. This is why we recommend you provide the contact details of the presenting author when creating your author account.
    Submission guidelines

    Before submitting your clinical case, thank you for paying attention to the following guidelines:

    1- Your clinical case must be submitted in english.

    2- In a firt time, insert a short summary of the clinical case (presentation, progress, management, why is the case interesting,...). Your summary must be not exceed 170 words.

    3- Please use the Powerpoint template that you can download by clicking on the following link: MODEL.

    4- Only .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx formats are accepted.

    5- Your presentation must have a maximum of 10 slides. The insertion of video will not be possible. Only still images are allowed.

    6- The title of your case must be typed in lower case (upper case at the beginning of the sentence), except for symbols and/or abbreviations that need to be in capital letters.
    Limit it to 10 words maximum (without a period at the end). It should present the content of the case in a concise manner.

    7- You will have to enter for each co-author his/her name, first name, institution or firm, city and country. You will also be asked to specify the name of the presenting author who will be on site.

    8- Nowhere in the presentation should there be any mention of authors' names, their affiliation or patients' names.
    You can modify your clinical case until the submission deadline.
    No changes to the case will be possible once the submission deadline has passed.
    If necessary send an e-mail to: callforcases-eudes@europa-organisation.com
    If your clinical case is selected, it will be put online on the EUDES website and send to all EuDES members.
    The selected case will be discussed with its author during a Q&A Live Talk Presentation. Full details of the presentation format will be made available to the selected presenter upon announcement of the results.

    Results will be sent by email to the author who submitted the case.
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